Fresh Affiliation No : MSU/R/CD/A5/Bethlehem/Fresh. Affil. dated: 25.08.2020 || G.O. (Ms.) No. 32 Higher Education (E1) Department dated: 21.02.2020 ||

Bethlehem College of Arts and Science is one among the Group of Institutions, established by the Nesamony Memorial Trust. The other institutions of excellence are,

  1. Bethlahem Institute of Engineering
  2. Bethlahem College of Education
  3. Bethlahem Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  4. Bethlahem Hillside International School
  5. Bethlehem New Central School
  6. Bethlahem College of Nursing

The Chairman of the Group is Mr.Gerald Selvaraja, a philanthropist and an Entrepreneur par excellence.