Fresh Affiliation No : MSU/R/CD/A5/Bethlehem/Fresh. Affil. dated: 25.08.2020 || G.O. (Ms.) No. 32 Higher Education (E1) Department dated: 21.02.2020 || Admission is going on for 2021-22 ||


Strive to be a world class higher education institution that integrates quality teaching, intensive research and inreach and outreach programmes, provides the highest standard of excellence in intellectual and personal development, by inculcating a life-time love for learning, skills and values and serves the nation and humanity through generation, dissemination and application of knowledge.


To provide value–based world class quality higher educational opportunities with the state–of–the art infrastructure facilities at affordable cost to the excluded, unreached and disadvantaged sections of society and ensure quality, equity, excellence and inclusiveness in higher education.